EASY simplicity and convenience
of mobile communication!
One SIM-card in your cell phone and several
numbers of different countries in it!
Unified tariff in Europe, Russia, Asia and America!
One product for business and tourism!

EasyCall communication benefits:

    • Roaming-free space throughout the world.
      Unique product for tourists and businesspeople traveling with one cell phone around the world. We work to create unique offers and tariffs that include roaming-free space. Availability of permanent communication regardless of location, absence of forced restrictions on the use of mobile phone and ability to manage communication costs anywhere in the world will be appreciated, first of all, by businesspeople running their business in different countries, as well as by representatives of companies, whose work includes frequent trips around the world.
    • Special favorable price of international calls.
      We provide our clients with special offers on international calls, which cost is comparable to the cost of local calls regardless of what country they are in.
    • One SIM-card - several numbers.
      EasyCall subscribers have the opportunity to use numbers of different countries, which are available in any country of stay at a single tariff, on one SIM-card.
    • Unique multi-IMSI technology.
      For clients’ comfort, we combine the products of the most visited countries on a single SIM-card. Roaming-free prices in the territory of EasyCall presence and ability to connect several numbers on one SIM card allow subscribers to communicate on the cell phone, solve business problems and manage their communication costs from anywhere in the world and to forget about roaming.
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